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  •               The places you will see on the itinerary Dodecanese South


    Kos - Askleipeion


    In this package tour, Kos is the among the most fantastic place that offers you superb chance to see historical places like the Temple of Dionysus, the Asclepeion. This area is very rich with its archaelogical diggings from the Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine and Venetian sites. Despite the amount of tourists in the summer you can still get away, though a good guidebook like Lonely Planet is recommended.

    When we come to  last headland we will get amazed with the fantastic view of the area.Coming down the hillsides, collected the great horseshoe hallowings of a amazing natural harbour, combined with the white walls and red roofs of churches.
    The houses built here are not kind of Greek village houses. They were built in Symi's superb days when the habitants got wealthier with diving to find sponge and boat-building. During Greek reign the areawas preserved and never lost its fantastic feature.
    Ages ago Knidos was an important Dorian city, well-known with its temples, theatres, sculpture of Aphrodite, the  first observatory in the world, and medical school.

    The other major Dorian city was Cnidus, known with its temples, theatres, sculpture of Aphrodite. You can reckon that the area is from the Greek time but it brings the fantastic view being not directly to the inland. After building in 360 BC,  at the tip of the peninsula,staying on the fact that a great harbor at the corner of Asia Minor became a famous port for ships on the Aegean-East Mediterranean transit ways.

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    embarkation Sun
    Here is a brief guide of your tour to the Greek islands South

    As there are just a few agency have this tour please ask for the available tour to the Greek Islands.

    1st day: Departure at 3:30 p.m. in the Bodrum Harbour. If you arrive early you can leave your luggage in our offices. We will spend the first day and the night in Bodrum Port. If you want to explore the city you will have time to do it.
    Bodrum' history dates back to the12.BC. It is also known as Halicarnassus and it was said that Heredotos; the ' Father of History' was born in this city. Bodrum made houses of many civilizations and there is numerous places see Mausoleum of King Mausolus, it was among the Seven Wonders of the ancient times. With its fantastic open teather it is still housing concerts and plays and other attractions. The 'Castle of Saint Peter', built in Middle Age from the stones and today it is still the the house of archaelogical underwater museloum.
    Bodrum is also famous for its night life, there is a lot of choice of attractions in the city.

    2nd Day: While you are having breakfast you will also be  given a wellcome party.You will get the information about the tour programme. Firstly, we will go to Cos island. You will see Asclepion, that is the nost popular healt-care center of the Ancient World is in here.Hippocrates was also born here; 'Head of Medical Science'. We will see a lot of places on this island such as a Medieval century castle; a museum; an antique stadium; Acropoli; an Antique Odeon and Roman Baths. Cos, named as Istanköy in Turkish; is the second big island of the 12 island. It has a warm climate and very rich lands. The island housing trees from 510 years and ancient fontains.

    3rd Day: The day will start at Nisiros island. It was a volcanic area which exploded in 1422 is still active.Nikea village situated on the side of the volcano,is famous for its white streets and a mosaic-style square. If you want to explore the gases from underground you can take a bus trip to visit Krater land. on the retur n we will have a break for lunch in a small village and then we will cruise to Tilos island. We will have the dinner and stay the night in this small, peaceful island.

    4th Day: Rhodes is the largest of the Dodecanese islands, it is among the most famous holiday places in Europa . Rhodes has hosted to many civilizations; beginning with the rule of St.John in the Middle Age, then Ottomans and Italians. The city, 12meters thick city-walls surrounds offers you a history tour that takes you ferom today to the ancient times especially when you stroll along its narrow stone street. After having dinner you should join the entartainments in Rhodes at night out.

    5th Day: We will turn the rudder to Simi Islands; we will reach to the Monastry of Panormitis located in the southern part of Simi. After seeing the Monastry and the museum in this peaceful coast we will have the taste of sea in swimming break at noon time and will be on the way to Simi harbour in the evening.

    6th Day: Today we will come back to Turkish water.You can walk on the shoreside in Datça while we are sorting out the check-in procedure.

    Cnidus - View to the ancient harbour


    Dorianss found Datça who came from Aegean lands to the southern coasts of Ionia.
    We weill go to Cnidus which was famous for its development in science art and medical. The largest sun clock of ancient times was found here.
    We will spend the night here.

    7th Day: We will sail to Karaada where we will have the last stop for swimming in this blue water. End of the day we will be at Bodrum Port.

    8th Day: The tour ends today. Hope we give you an unforgotable experience and memories.


    Symi is seperated in two: the upper and lower town.Yialosis called as the lower town, the upper town is Chorio . Neoclassical houses are seen in this area, with warm pastel colours painted, balconnies built in the center and red tiled roofs.
    The castle of the Knights of St. John caps the top of Chorio.
    There are many nice beaches where you will experience the water taxi on this blue water. Also you can walk with your guide in this historical town's streets.
    If yo can put together a group of friends ( 8 - 10 for a 6 cabin boat, or 12 - 14 for an 8 cabin gullet ) - the whole boat can be yours.

    May 29 - July 2
    Sept 18 - Oct 08

    450,- Euro ~ 660,- US$ ~ 415,- GB£ ~ 733,- AUD

    3 - July 30
    28 August - Sept 17

    520,- Euro ~ 765,- US$ ~ 482,- GB£ ~ 845,- AUD

    July 31
    - August 27

    590,- Euro ~ 867,- US$ ~ 547,- GB£ ~ 960,- AUD

    Cabin Charter - general information

    Gulet for Cabin Charter on a Blue Cruise


    All tours are on  Standard-Yachts, the traditional Bodrum-built GULET. All ship are about 19 - 25 meters length, these vessels can host 12 and 16 guests in 6 to 8 cabins. All cabins have toilet & showers. (Hot & cold). There is a music system, and a jolly boat on each yacht, there is no air condition. There is a captain, cook and a deckshand on each yachts.
    Yacht�s name will be available just 1 or 2 days before our departure, becoause of late coming bookings. Our work goes on in a year in a cooparative job with all stuff on boat or in our office.
    The crew are not mastered in foreign language but they always can speak a few of the �every-day� phrases and they can understand what you tell.
     Please note that this is only a rough guide and can be changed to suite requirements.Our way in our tour can change because of weather conditions and other stuff.

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