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  • Duration: Full day (09:00 to 17:30)
    Price: 65 Euro (per person)
    Run: Everyday

    Derinkuyu Underground City: Derinkuyu is 29km from Nevsehir, on the way to Nigde. It is nearly 85m deep. It has all the usual rooms found in an underground city. Also there is a large room with a barrel vaulted ceiling on the second floor was a missionary school, the rooms to the left being study rooms. From the 3rd and 4th floors onwards the descent is by way of vertical staircases which lead to a cruciform plan church on the lowest floor. Derinkuyu Underground City has been opened to visitors in 1965 but so far only 10% can be visited.

    Ihlara Valley: The canyon was occured by the cracking and collapsing which craeted as a result of basalt and andesit lava from Mt. Hasandag's eruption. The Melendiz river find its way through these cracks, eroding the canyon bed and helping to form canyon we see today. The Melendiz river used to be named "Potamus Kapadukus"meaning the River of Cappadocia. It is 14km long, 100 -150m high valley begins at Ihlara and ends at Selime. There are numerous
    residence s, churches and tombs built into the valley walls, some of which are connected by tunnels and corridors.

    The vallay was available for worship. The decorations in the churches can be seen from various times from the 6th to 13th centuries, and the churches can be put into two groups. The churches near to Ihlara, display ornaments with oriental influence. This shows us many nations lived in this area from Byzantines to Ottomans.  

    Agzikarahan Caravansarai: It is 15 km from Aksaray, on the Aksaray-Nevsehir road. Its building began in 1231 by Alaattin Keykubat, and was finished by his son, in 1239. The caravanseries which are situated every 30 km on the silk road were hosting trade caravans. The small mosque rests on four pillars directly opposite the portal. Difference from the other caravanseries, the closed area is not opposite the portal, but to the left. There is a stable, rooms for traders, rooms for entertainmnet at night. While you are making a visit of those monuments, you will do a voyage to the past temporarily.  


    Please take note of the following:
    * 30% discount for children below the age 7, free for the ages 0-2
    * You are kindly requested to present your self at the pick up point 15 minutes prior the pre advised pick up time
    * Smoking is not permitted but all tours make frequent stops

    What's Included:
    * Pick up and drop off at your Hotel
    * Transportation by air-conditioned non-smoking tour coaches
    * Professional Guide licensed by the Ministry of Tourism
    * All entrance fees to the archaeological sites and museums, parking and road tolls
    * Lunch at local restaurant (drinks extra) Local taxes

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