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  • Duration: Full day (08:30 to 17:30)
    Price: 65 Euro (per person)
    Run: Everyday

    Aphrodisias locates one hundred and seventy kilometers from Kusadasi, in piedmonts of Mount Baba Dagi not so far to the village of Geyre by the river Maeander. It was a place for worship in ancient times. There are some chaples in this area. It was a unadulterated city of culture, famous for its artists, philosophers and writers such as Alexander of Aphrodisias, an powerful critic on Aristotle or Chariton, who was known with his erotic novels. The city was much kept by the Emperor Augustus who had a return in its welfare and in his honour the citizens elavated the Sebasteion, a street temple complex with decoration on columns.

    Before being the archaeological zone, we will visit the Museum which has a numerous collection of sculptural treasures, ceramics and
    Graeco-Roman statues coming from Bronze Age. The head of Apollo is breathtakingly magnificent, perfect and slightly feminine and the ruins of the lower part of a sculpture of Aphrodite, are nasty and modern, with the crossed leg of goddes- which unusual. There is also a nice frieze gotten from the Monument of Zoilos specification the slave who was a native of Aphrodisias given their freedom by Augustus. The Theatre is on the hill on the Acropolis. It was constructed by the Greeks in the first century B.C. and rebuilt and got larger by Marcus Aurelius.Capacity of it was over ten thousand spectators and it later was used an arena for gladiators and wild animals.
    Just next to the theatre there are traces of the Baths of Hadrian, a fantastic building built in the second century A.D.

    Marble flooring is an excellent. Five different columns and two large swimming pools had a gym. The Odeum or city meeting-area, had got both stage and stepsfrom marble. The temple was erected in the first century B.C. with two columned structure and a cella and an atrium.

    Please take note of the following:

    * 30% discount for children below the age 7, free for the ages 0-2
    * The order of visiting sights, may vary slightly from time to time
    * You are kindly requested to present your self at the pick up point 15 minutes prior the pre advised pick up time
    * Smoking is not permitted but all tours make frequent stops

    What's Included:
    * Pick up and drop off at your Hotel or Cruise Port
    * Transportation by air-conditioned non-smoking tour coaches
    * Professional Guide licensed by the Ministry of Tourism
    * All entrance fees to the archaeological sites and museums, parking and road tolls
    * Lunch at local restaurant (drinks extra)
    * Local taxes

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