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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is the best time of year to go?

May and October are the quietest months, coves and beaches are uncrowded allowing passengers to enjoy the serene beauty and peacefulness of nature.  The sun during these months is not strong, but still warm, it does occasionally rain but this is normally limited to just a few hours at a time.

June and September’s temperatures are cooler than the height of summer but still hot enough to enjoy spending days soaking up the sunshine.

July and August is the perfect time of year for sun worshippers, with long, hot days and sea temperatures that mean you can swim anytime of the day or night. 

  • Are children allowed?

Yes of course, children of any age are allowed as long as they are accompanied by adults.

  • Should we tip the crew?

It is customary to tip the crew at the end of your holiday, how much, is left completely to your discretion.

  • Will there be air conditioning?

You may find that you do not even consider air conditioning as many people choose to spend their nights sleeping on deck underneath the stars.  If you do require air conditioning then please consult with your booking agent as there is an extra charge, due to limited electricity onboard.

  • What should I bring?

When considering what bag to pack your belongings in for the flight remember that soft bags are easier to store in your cabin that a hard suitcase. 

You should bring all of your typical holiday essentials, such as swimming suit, summer clothes, warmer clothes (for when it gets cooler on an evening, especially in spring and autumn), mosquito repellent, sun tan lotion, toiletries, beach towel and books/kindle. 

Passengers are not allowed to wear normal shoes on the boat, so if you don’t want to walk bare foot, then remember to pack some soft soled shoes to wear above deck. 

  • If you have any other questions then please do not hesitate to contact us, you can find our details on the Contact Us page.