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Gulet Holidays

Life Onboard

Depending on what you want from your holiday life onboard can be as relaxing or as active as you want.  Passengers can choose to spend their days lazing on deck enjoying the awe inspiring views, soaking up the sunshine or relaxing with a good book and a refreshing drink.  For those who desire something more energetic there is plenty to do.  Why not try your hand at skin diving, fishing or snorkelling.  If at anchor then go off and explore little known coves, visit nearby villages or go shopping in local bazaars.


Safety Onboard

While a gulet is a wonderful place to enjoy a holiday, it is important everyone onboard understands basic safety issues.  The safety of the passengers and crew is always placed above any other considerations.

Here are some of the main safety points:

  • There is a personal floatation device (PDF) for everyone onboard; you can find them stored in your cabin under the bed and/or in the common area.  Make sure you ask the crew where they are located in case of an emergency.
  • All gulets are equipped with fire extinguishers and fire blankets that are Coast Guard approved and meet fire safety regulations.
  • There is the possibility that objects may move around whilst sailing so it is important to ensure that all of your belongings are correctly stowed and secured. 
  • Normal shoes are not allowed onboard as they can damage the boat, walking barefoot is the norm, although if you would prefer you can wear soft soled shoes to walk around outside.
  • Water supply onboard is obviously limited so please bear this in mind.  Don’t leave the tap running whilst brushing your teeth and try to take quick showers.
  • Electricity is also limited onboard, so remember to turn off the lights when you leave a room.  Electrical items may only be connected whilst the boat is tied to land or the generator is plugged in, so remember to charge phones etc at this time.
  • For safety reasons smoking is not prohibited below deck in the cabins.  Smoking is only allowed on the deck and in the lounge area.
  • Be careful walking around as the floor may be wet and there may be ropes, scuttles, cables etc lying around. 
  • A boat toilet can easily get blocked so please ensure you do not put any toilet paper or sanitary products down the toilets onboard, instead use the bins provided.