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Why Turkey

 Why go on a yachting or gulet holiday to Turkey? 

 Be part of an exciting adventure and discover majestic pine clad mountains, beautiful turquoise waters, secluded anchorages, tranquil bays, cooling breezes, historical sights and experience the world renowned Turkish hospitality.

 Famed for its dramatic coastline, south western Turkey, is known as the turquoise coast, so named for its crystal clear waters, it offers the best sailing opportunities in the Mediterranean.   A boating holiday allows passengers to witness Turkey’s serene and alluring landscape, away from the tourist scene and large resorts.

 A holiday on the open water has to be one of the best ways to discover Turkey and is the perfect choice for a holiday away from it all.  An idyllic escape away from the hustle and bustle of the world, days are spent relaxing onboard, swimming in the turquoise waters or exploring towns and villages.

 A boating holiday has something for everyone whether you are looking for a relaxing escape or want to discover more of this historic and beautiful land.  There is ample opportunity for both, depending on which cruise route you choose. 

 Days spent out at sea are perfect for soaking up the sun and taking in the charming surroundings.  There is an array of picturesque and secluded bays or coves just waiting to be discovered.  Choose to laze upon their sandy shores, swim in their calm waters or try your hand at snorkelling and discover life under the sea. 

 During your holiday there are plenty of stops along the way at towns, villages and historical sights (this can depend on which cruise route you have chosen for your holiday).  In a country where the ancient Greeks, Romans and Crusaders have left their trace, you are surrounded by history at every step, so don’t be surprised if you stumble across ruins as you simply walk around a village.   

 Choose to spend the night anchored out at sea and sleep under the countless stars or moor up for the night at one of the many towns and villages dotted along the coast.  Here you can sample traditional dishes in a local restaurant or choose to wander around the shops, bars and restaurants.

 Turkey offers everything you may desire from a boating holiday: sunshine, clear waters, breathtaking vistas and delicious cuisine, so why not book your gulet holiday today?